Control System of Bio-Contamination (RABC) UNI / EN 14065: 2015 (NO UKAS)

The Standard UNI / EN 14065 (NO UKAS) provides a risk analysis and control system Bio-contamination (RABC) for the washing processes of textile products intended for critical applications in terms of microbiological quality.

The standard is mainly targeted to specific audiences and industrial areas (hospital and healthcare sector, food, gourmet, hotel and pharmaceutical).
The RABC system applies to textiles treated in laundry and used in specific sectors and excludes those aspects of worker safety and sterility of the finished product.

The application is consistent with the Standard ISO 9001: 2015. The organizations already have the ISO 9001 certification may require integrated visits between the two certification schemes resulting synergies are inexpensive techniques.

ACS Registrars Italy adheres to ASSOSISTEMA Protocol according to RABC Guide Lines, in order to ensure a coordinated management system of the country for the correct and consistent implementation of the UNI / EN 14065: 2015 according to the parameters defined by the Guidelines.