FAQ Certification

How much is the cost of an ISO 9001 Certification?

To this question there is no definitive answer. The cost depends on several factors. It depends on how much time is devoted to the development of your quality management system, how many people are involved, if you engage consultants or less, and certification costs.

ACS Registrars aims for maximum efficiency in the short term. So instead of trying to give a simple answer, we’ll show you how to build your answer. One approach is to start with a pre analysis, which will tell you what you need to do to develop the quality management system (QMS). Once we understand what must be done, you can figure out how long to use, who should do it, and how much it should cost.
Leave the question “costs” response means take into account several factors, such as:
• Internal costs (development of the system, system documentation and implementation of the same)
• External costs (system development, training and awareness, internal audit services)
• Certification (initial assessment, audit certification, audit of annual audit, certification renewal).

How long does it take to get certified?

The time it takes for a company to obtain certification depends on the complexity and the size of the company. The average time is around 2-3 months, but much depends on the priority that is given to obtaining certification from the system and the implementation level.
ACS Registrars is able to offer even in the short term certificates (30 days), if you need the ISO certification with extreme urgency (for participation in public and private tenders and tenders for other certifications because expired and no longer renewed).

Why get certified according to a standard?

Certification is increasingly seen by the company as an “economic burden and a waste of time”, but in reality a company decides to implement a Certificate Management System (Quality, Safety, Environment etc …) gives reasonable assurance to the customer to be able, consistently over time, to provide conform to certain requirements agreed products and services.

Paradoxically what it is only considered a “cost” to the organization, changes over time in the following benefits:

• Improved cost predictability;
• Uniformity in the work carrying out procedures;
• Analysis of the causes for the systematic troubleshooting;
• Improve marketing and the company’s image.

Finally, for different categories obtaining certification (eg. ISO 9001: 2015) is required (business cash registers, training, workshops authorized for installation of tachographs, etc.) And is the award criterion for participation in contracts and Gare public and private.

How do I get certified?

The process of ACS Registrars Certification of Management Systems, comprises the following steps:

1. Sending the request for quote using the form on our web site or by sending an email to info@acsregistrars.it;

2. Enter the “Information Sheet” by the independent certification of the customer;

3. Issuance and acceptance of the offer for the certification service required;

4. Planning and carrying out the verification of Stage 1;

5. Planning and carrying out the verification of Stage 2;

6. Preparation of the Verification Report and submission of the request to the Certification Committee;

7. Decision on Certification and Issuance of Certificate of Conformity;

8. Enter the customer Compliance Certificate;

The certification process complies regular time (2-3 months from the customer’s request).

Our body is able to offer even in the short term certificates (30 days), if you need the ISO certification with extreme urgency (for participation in public and private tenders and tenders for other certifications, it is due and more renewed).

How can I become Auditor ISO 9001- 14001- BS OHSAS 18001?

If you wish to become an auditor ISO 9001- 14001- BS OHSAS 18001, just enter our central office in touch. ACS Registrars is able to provide training for you, choosing the most appropriate opportunities.
ACS Registrars will also be able to also provide distance learning for those who can not physically travel for business reasons or other) at the headquarters of the course.
In fact, our body is equipped with an E-Learning platform with the main training courses.
For more information, please consult our Academy School page.