Mission ACS

The Certification Body ACS Registars Italy since its establishment has always placed in a prominent position in the field of certification, imposing itself especially for the quality of services provided, as well as for the absolute consideration at all times of the relationship with its Customers, in strict compliance with the rules of conduct and mandatory regulations, voluntary or not.

The guidelines at the base of all the activities of the ACS Registrars Body can be summarized in the following:
• Promotion of Culture continues Organization and compliance;
• Key competence and sense of responsibility;
• Transparency and confidentiality.

To follow our policy, it was decided to operate on two fundamental points:
• Staff: in the field of weapons must be maintained on any “operational side” through professionalism, education, courtesy, combined with the competence and experience that characterize our staff.
• The organization: we believe it is absolutely impossible to provide a winning service and effective without a strong organization that puts the customer and the service as only beneficiaries.

ACS Registrars Italy