Update ISO 45001: 2018

ACS Registrars Italia is pleased to present 1 day of the Course for the Update to the New Standard ISO 45001: 2018, which will be attended by the auditors of the third party, but also the consultants and those responsible for occupational safety in the company and need to deepen the contents and acquire specific skills on the new standard.
The training proposal on the new ISO 45001: 2018 proposes 1 module of 8 hours, which will address the most important issues underlying the standard.


Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Young Professionals, Quality and Environment Manager, RSPP, Third Party Auditor.

* From the 27.06.2017 the art.9 of the Jobs act Autonomous workers, establishes that the freelancers will be able to deduce integrally, for the purposes of the calculation of the income, the expenses of professional updating, travel and stay, up to a limit of 10 thousand euro per year. Until 2016, the maximum deductible ceiling for training expenses was a maximum of 50%, now those who attend professional refresher courses (with credit or without credits), in the € 10 thousand deductible, may also include travel expenses and stay “.


  •      Process approach;
  •      PDCA;
  •      Context and stakeholders;
  •      Risk Management according to ISO 31000: 2018 Guidelines;
  •      The HLS structure;
  •      Risk assessment techniques;
  •      Annex SL-HLS;
  •      ISO 45001 requirements;
  •      Reference to Legislative Decree 81/08;
  •      Additional requirements on ISO / IEC 17021 – 1;
  •      Staff skills of Certification Bodies.




8 hours;


  • € 350 (Coffee Break and Lunch included);
  • Promotions: 10% on the 2nd writing – 20% on the 3rd writing.


At the end of the course a final exam will be held against which a Certificate of Competence (positive result) or Frequency (negative outcome) will be issued.

This course is valid for updating the RSPP training credits